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Make An Origami Frog
Increase the range of motion and fine motor coordination in your hands. IMAGE imgs/FM-b.htm02.gif
To learn the basic origami folds, begin with activity
FM-a1, Learn Origami-The Art Of Folding Paper.
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Sit at a table.
Start with clean hands and gather all supplies.
2.Place the index card on the table in front of you. It is important
to place one of the short sides of the card closest to you.

3.Make a diagonal valley fold from the left upper corner
until the top edge of the card meets the right-side of the
card evenly. This should make a neat point on the
upper right-hand side of the card. Press your finger
over the fold.

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4.Unfold the card and do the same fold starting
with the upper right-hand corner. Unfold the
card again. The folds will look like an "X" when
the card is laid out flat.
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5.Find the center of the "X" where the
folds intersect. Make a horizontal
mountain fold at the center of the "X". Press your finger over the fold to crease it.
Unfold the card so it is laying flat on the table as before.

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6.Put your thumb and index finger across from one
another on the edges of the card at the horizontal
mountain fold you just made. Now lift the folds of the
card with your finger and thumb, gently bringing
your finger and thumb together as if you are folding
the card in half lengthwise.
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7.When you have the two sides of the card
pinched together, flatten the top part of the card
into a triangle. Crease all of the folds once the
card looks like this picture.
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8.Take the left bottom point of the triangle and valley
fold it up diagonally to the top point of the triangle.
Repeat this on the right side. This will create a
diamond shape.
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9.Valley fold the long straight sides lengthwise into
the center of the card. The edges of the card
should meet in the center of the card. If the sides
of your card don't meet up exactly, don't worry,
it will still work.
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10. Valley fold the card across the base of the diamond towards
the top of the card. Make this fold just below the point of the
diamond. See the picture to the right.
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